Fast paced innovation. Be part of it.

"At Gibson Robotics you feel as though you are part of something special and innovative. Our entire team is genuinely passionate and excited about what we do. I feel I have made a great career choice that gives me opportunities to learn."

Ellie Craig-McCourt

Operations & Finance Manager

Drones are the future. Be part of it.

Innovative technology needs passionate people. We believe that when it comes to drones, their technology and what they are capable of, only the surface has been scratched. Using cutting edge software and industry leading hardware, it’s our mission to create the most advanced commercial uncrewed aerial systems on the market.

We are looking for motivated, forward thinking, and creative individuals to expand and grow our start-up into a fully-fledged industry leader. If you feel you would be a good fit and want to be part of our growing diverse team, we’d like to hear from you.

Our Culture

We Are A Team

We work together to complete projects and we help each other when a challenge is difficult. We have a policy of honesty and transparency and build a fair merit based culture around it.

True Flexi Time

As long as you get the work done then do it to your schedule.


We are a team - we lean on each other to complete our goals.

Honesty & Transparency

We own our mistakes, we share our progress and we share our problems.

Roles, Not Rank

There is no hierarchy, you have your roles and your responsibilites (as does everyone else).

What You Can Expect From Gibson Robotics

Personal Support

There is a lot of opportunity to develop a variety of skills in a startup. We will nurture your strengths and support your career growth.

Share Options Scheme

When you join Gibson Robotics, you are building a high growth company and you should own it.


Direct and honest communication facilitates effective and efficient results. We keep you informed and engage with you on decision making.

What We Expect From You


Our team are not afraid to push the boundaries of what we know is possible. We are looking for people who are passionate about innovative engineering.


Autonomous drones for the most part are still in uncharted territory and we don't have all the answers. We trust you to work independently and in the team to develop the answers.


With such a flexible working culture, make sure your team know what you are up to, what you need help with and your plans for work. This is a key part to how our business operates.

What We Are Looking For

Cognitive Diversity

Bring a unique combination of knowledge and experience that can support truly innovative solutions.


Whether it is for UAS technology, general engineering innovation, international logistics, marketing or whatever else, we love to see people who care.


We want to really push flexi-time through trust and transparency. This means we need you to be able to push yourself and manage your own workloads.

FAQs & Top Tips

Here we address some ofthe questions we often get and some top tips to help you get a role at Gibson Robotics.

What format should my CV and Cover Letter be in?

Please submit your CV and Cover Letter in a .pdf format. Often other file formats are either blocked or won't appear as you wanted them to.

What should be in the Cover Letter? How long should it be?

Use the cover letter to demonstrate your motivation for applying. Don't waste the space repeating information in your CV - focus on the 'why you are applying'. The Cover Letter is your opportunity to really stand out and share who you are, show a little personality!
We recommend no more than one page for a cover letter.

Should I add a photo or include my date of birth in my CV?

Please don't. We know that in some cultures this is common but we would strongly discourage this. Your CV should include relevant qualifications, skills and experiences. None of our roles are impacted by your looks and adding a photo takes up valuable space.
Also, your age is not important at the application stage. We will only ask for a date of birth when we need it but otherwise, we recommend keeping out any information that we do not need to understand if you would be right for the role you are applying for.

I don't have relevant experience, can I still apply?

In short, yes! Although, you will obviously have a disadvantage against experienced candidates - don't let this discourage you though. We recommend focusing on what transferable skills you have, what you have done outside of work that is relevant and, most importantly, your motivation for applying anyway.

Simple things - Get them right.

When filtering 100+ applications, you can imagine that patience wears thin (we are only human) and so small and basic mistakes can be surprisingly frustrating. E.g. grammar, generic cover letter, inconsistent fonts, etc...
So please check before submitting!

Catch our attention!

After looking at so many applications, it is nice to see something different. This can be through use of language, use of personal branding, or sharing photos and videos of your previous work that you are proud of. Whatever it is, express yourself and stand out!

Make it easy to read.

Whether it is simply choosing the right font and colour, the layout of the documents, or choosing more concise language with a view to clarity and brevity, your cover letter and CV need to be easy to read.

More than just a buzzword.

Everyone uses the same buzzwords - we do too in our job specification. That is just the nature of job applications. So if you want to stand out - justify why you are using that buzzword. E.g. Anyone can describe themselves as 'resilient' but until you also say that you "fought off a horde of zombies", we have no evidence that it is true.

If you think you would be a great fit for the team at Gibson Robotics, then check out our vacancies on our careers site.

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Not sure if Gibson Robotics is for you? Or don't see the job vacancy you are looking for? Reach out to our team on social media for a chat to learn more.

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