Meet Red Kite

Your Counter-UAS Enforcer

An all-round security asset.

Packed With Features


Your role as operator is to focus on the mission, not the flying. Simply provide a few waypoints and Red Kite will plot the route and avoid known obstacles. If you don't provide a route, Red Kite will loiter until further instruction. To follow an object, click the object and let Red Kite worry about the flight path.


Come sun, rain, wind or snow, Red Kite is ready and up for the challenge. With heating elements and passive cooling built-in, Red Kite automatically regulates and adapts to the conditions.

Safety First

Protecting the public, your employees or a sensitive site with an aerial system first starts with making sure we aren't creating a new danger. Back-up power, triple redundant computers and sensors, and a dead switch parachute are just some of the measures we have implemented.


Simply place on catapult, let Red Kite run pre-flight checks, and, when you are ready, press launch. To land, simply draw a line for Red Kite to come into or use your preset landing options.

Edge Computing

Red Kite runs all computation on-board. This means complex computation is super-fast and doesn't rely on a ground connection. In the worst case scenarios, Red Kite is capable of continuing its work without internet or ground communications.

Worldwide Control

Red Kite connects to the internet which means your operators could view and control multiple Red Kites from a single central operations centre.

Countering Aerial Threats

Aerial systems pose an increasing threat with drone incursions happening every week around the world. The first problem to solve is detecting, tracking, and identifying the threat. Red Kite is an ideal companion to ground spotters and radar. Red Kite can be deployed to gather information and evidence to inform next steps at the time and any follow up prosecution. Importantly, this could include ofllowing the threat until it is picked up by the malicious actor and then following them until ground officers can respond.

More To Be Announced

Red Kite is undergoing design updates and further testing. We are running some real world testing alongside some customers in late 2024, and Red Kite will go into production in 2025.

If you'd like to join the customer waiting list or participate in testing then get in touch with our team via the contact page or our social media.
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