Meet Sentry Owl

Your Ally In The Sky.

Enhancing Perimeter Security

Packed With Features

Elevate Your Perspective

Sentry Owl is crafted to balance efficiency while leveraging the power of the Guardian Core to autonomously monitor the perimeter of your most important assets. Sentry Owl is perfectly crafted to replace your perimeter foot patrols, levelling up your response capabilities and realising greater value from your team.

Advanced Intelligence For Proactive Security

Unlocking the mighty intelligence of the Guardian Core enables Sentry Owl to highlight potential intruders casing the perimeter, read license plates, and follow targets of concern. The advanced flight intelligence means your operator is focused on the mission and doesn’t require training to control.

Redefining Perimeter Security

Alongside its companion ground station, Sentry Owl is capable of around the clock surveillance. Stopping only for a minute to swap its batteries and return to protecting the perimeter. Chain multiple groundstations and Sentry Owls together and they can be used as hubs to maintain a continuous watch.

Day or night, Rain or Shine

Sentry Owl’s rugged design is built for the elements and the camera supports day or night operations. Pushing this to the next level, Sentry Owl’s camera has thermal optics to bring more information to the operator. Rain, snow, or heatwaves won’t stop Sentry Owl, this platform is built to operate as close to 365 days a year as possible.

Ideal Use Cases

Autonomous Patrols

Foot patrols are expensive and prone to human error and manipulation. CCTV can be great but provides an opportunity for blind spots. Sentry Owl can patrol large facilities, monitor for anomolies, and investigate reports. Navigation lights and bright colours also offer a great deterrant.

Operational Support

Sometimes you can't beat a bird's eye view of the situation but helicopters can be so expensive to run and the noise can often interrupt covert operations. Sentry Owl offers an environmentally friendly, cost efficient, and safe method of supporting the command centre in deploying officers effectively.

More Coming Soon...

Sentry Owl is reaching its final design and quality assurance testing. We are running some real world testing alongside some customers in early 2024, and Sentry Owl will go into production in late 2024.

If you'd like to join the beta testing or join the customer waiting list then get in touch with our team via the contact page or our social media.
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