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Versatile, autonomous, and safe.

Unparalleled Autonomous Aerial Security Solutions

Discover Gibson Robotics’ autonomous eye in the sky safeguarding your site from both aerial and ground threats. We are developing Uncrewed Aerial Systems (UAS) capable of autonomously patrolling your site and detecting a variety of objects.

Our systems operate 24/7 to alert you to any ground or aerial threats, then map, track, and record their activity, and, when necessary, our systems can intercept and capture aerial threats.

Backed by industry-leading expertise, we've engineered our technology with sophisticated cameras, sensors, and intelligent software to deliver real-time insights to your physical security without the need to upskill your team into pilots.

Our easy-to-use systems provide precise data and insights, enabling rapid decision-making and empowering security personnel. Ideal for the protection of critical infrastructure, oil & gas facilities, large stadiums, wide area security, and assisting Police and Search And Rescue teams during the day or night and responding to aerial threats.

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