Moving On Up

Company Updates
5 Jun

As good as working from Joe’s flat has been, we are all more than pleased to be moving into our first office and workshop space. As is the case with many start-ups, previously our ability to grow, improve and innovate has been limited by financing and space. On the back of our recent investment, we are moving into our new office space and workshop in Skypark. We are sharing the space with Filament PD, an organisation that uses expert knowledge and cutting-edge technology to create innovative designs.

This is made possible on the back of our recent investment round led by Gabriel Investment Syndicate with Scottish Enterprise and followed by Strathclyde Inspire and 2 private investors. Our new office not only offers us the physical space to work collaboratively but access to new machinery we would otherwise not have as a small start-up, we are like kids at Christmas!

Embedded into our all-important organisational culture is what we call ‘true flexi time’ and ability to work remotely. This means our team are free to work whenever and wherever suits them best, no questions asked, no time sheet required. This policy does not change as we move into our new workspace, as we have access 24/7 and on a normal working day, there is no requirement to come into the office. Instead, it will offer us a base to gather and work as a team as well as opportunities to informally bond with our new teammates. Due to the pandemic, restrictions and our recent new hires, this was the first time we had all of Gibson Robotics in the same place.

Finally, whilst we are aware correlation does not imply causation, it should also be noted that on the very same day we moved in, The Queen and Princess Anne visited our offices. Rumour has it that she heard that Gibson Robotics had just moved in next door…