Royal Observatory Discovers a New Star

Gibson Robotics
Company Updates
22 Jun

Almost a year after moving into our very first office in Glasgow we are pleased to announce our expansion to the capital city, Edinburgh. The Higgs Centre at the Royal Observatory is now officially Gibson Robotics headquarters! The decision to move the business to Edinburgh is primarily based on the support and facilities on site and as part of the Centre we are now part of. We are proud to announce that Gibson Robotics is supported by the Higgs Business Incubation Centre which is backed by the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC).

As well as being a stunning historic building, The Royal Observatory, Edinburgh, has been a pillar of the Scottish scientific community since it first opened in 1896. the observatory was originally used to house andoperate telescopes for astronomical observation, if ever there was a metaphor for our ethos and vision – wide eyes looking ever forward. With this slick new office and workspace, we truly will be standing on the shoulders of giants.

While maintaining access to the Glasgow office aspart of the Smart Things AcceleratorProgram, we are excited for this next step in our progression towards reaching our full potential. We will be staying here for 2 years, at which point we will be looking for something more permanent to house the growth of the company going forward. Keep an eye on our social medias for more updates on our new office and workshop space, and some historic building spam as we get settled in.

We want to express our gratitude to the STFC, and thank our investors, and everyone else who has supported us throughout the past two years. We are excited for the future ahead and the true potential of our vision.

Gibson Robotics